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How to Inspire Others Through Leadership

Inspire Others Through Leadership

February 5, 2020

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The ability to inspire others is key to becoming a strong leader. The best leaders have been able to inspire others to dream big and produce their best work. Think of some of the biggest names in technology over the past twenty years. Steve Jobs. Elon Musk. Bill Gates. These are leaders who weren’t only visionaries in their own right, but who also had the ability to inspire their employees to produce their best work. Think about athletes like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and LeBron James. These are great athletes who didn’t only inspire their teammates to perform at the best of their ability, but who also inspired the next generation of athletes to compete at a high level. Here’s how you can be an inspiration to others in your position.

Don’t Try to Be Someone You’re Not

People can sense when you are not being genuine, and it repels them. You want to avoid this problem, and the good news is that it is easy. You want to be comfortable being yourself. When you are feeling good in your own shoes, you are going to be a better leader than if you are pretending to be someone else.

Always Put Forth Your Best Effort

Just as others can sense authenticity, they can also sense if you are working hard or not. We’ve all had bosses who we worked harder than in the past, and it doesn’t make you feel good. Make sure that you are working harder than anyone else in the building so that you get people who look up to you instead of resenting you.

Take Time to Genuinely Listen To Others And Incorporate Their Ideas

It is important to make sure that your other employees feel valued. That means taking the time and effort to really listen to what they have to say. If you aren’t incorporating some of the ideas of your employees, then they may find another place to work which does. You want to ensure that your employees feel they are part of a time that cares about the work that they do and the ideas that they have. When you can do that, it is inspiring, and it makes these same employees want to work even harder for you.

Work Harder

The biggest part of inspiring others isn’t incredible talent. It is putting forth the effort, taking the time to listen to others, and being a genuine version of yourself. People want to see a leader who is comfortable in their own skin, and who can incorporate the views of other talented individuals. That means that leaders who don’t take the time to listen to others, who are selfish, and who don’t take responsibility for their actions, are much less likely to inspire people. Make sure that you take a positive attitude to work every day and focus on how you can do the best job you can do. You’ll find that you naturally inspire others that way.

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