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Why Establishing A Social Media Presence Is Critical for Today’s Workforce

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January 21, 2020

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In today’s workforce, having a social media presence is crucial for success. That is because so many businesses today are looking for talented employees who aren’t just skilled at their jobs, but who are also pushing the conversation in their industries as well. Employing someone who is also a thought leader could give you greater influence in your industry–and that’s why more employees than ever are looking to brush up their social media credentials. Let’s take a look at why you should be working on building your social media presence as well.

Today’s Employers Are Looking for Engagement

Employers in a number of industries don’t just want to hire skilled workers anymore. They also want these workers to engage with the public. Sometimes this engagement means talking with consumers, but more often it means talking with others working in your industry and having meaningful conversations about where the space is going. Employers want to know that when you tweet or you blog about a new product or service, people are going to respond with interest. That kind of engagement is important in today’s social media era.

Becoming A Thought Leader in The Space Has Benefits

Becoming a thought leader on social media often means getting invited to more conferences. It means being invited to speak at events. And it means that other companies are going to be keeping track of your work, potentially with interest in hiring you at some point. More competitive offers typically mean better pay over the long term.

You Want to Play A Role in Shaping the Conversation in Your Industry

Having a strong social media following means not only being part of the conversation but being able to shape it. When you can convince others that your position on issues of the day are correct, you will have the power to shape conversations that others don’t. This is something that employers are looking for, especially since they have their own products, services, and industry views that they want to convert others into believing. If you can shift the conversation and really change the opinions of others, then you will have a leg up on others in getting those key interviews.

Social Media Insights Check

It is important to understand that you aren’t going to get 10,000 Twitter followers overnight. But working on building a following can have a number of benefits. It makes you more recognizable to the major players in your industry. It also makes it more likely that a potential employer will give you a close look. These are real benefits that can ultimately result in higher pay over the long-term. You can start with something as simple as a blog, and then build it on social media platforms by following similar minded individuals and engaging with their content.

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