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Change Is Never Easy, But It Is Worth It

Personal Change

February 2, 2018

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If you are trying to change personally, you probably already know how difficult it is. Personal change can be quite difficult, especially for adults. It is relatively easy for children to change their habits, feelings, and tendencies, but adults have years of habits and are more often stuck in their ways. Changing for the better isn’t easy, but it can bring you great benefits and joy. You might want to change to become more open to new ideas. Perhaps you need to learn a new technology. Or maybe even a new language. The first step is to putting down your preconceived notions and being willing to try something new. To have your worldview changed. To learn new perspectives. Let’s explore what change means for us and how we can get better at it.

Change Is Naturally Difficult For Humans

Although change in life is inevitable, we often build a persona as children and adolescents and then stick with it as we age. Our brains are programmed to follow routines and to try to make order of what can be very random events in our lives. So when we are tasked with personal change, often we reject it. If our doctor tells us that we have to start eating more fruits and vegetables, it can be almost impossible to get started. It is easy to revert back to what we’ve known. But although we might recoil at the thought of personal change, it is often good for us and helps to broaden our horizons.

We Must Learn To Embrace Change Rather Than Resist It

Big companies that resist change often stagnate and then become irrelevant over time. There were companies in the early 1900s who resisted the shift to cars. Companies in the 1990s that resisted the shift to the internet. And there will eventually be a new technology that disrupts a major industry and those who cannot adapt will find themselves on the outside looking in. The same goes for people. People who did not adapt to the internet in the 1990s, and who refused to learn how to use it, found themselves missing out on a major economic opportunity. Those who embraced the change of the internet and learned new skills found themselves with the ability to get new jobs and make more money. There are times in work, relationships, and other aspects of our personal lives when we need to embrace change instead of resisting it.

Heading Success After Change

Change Can Be Good For Us

Change can be scary, especially when that change isn’t initiated on our own terms. But it can be good for us. Change can help us to stay dynamic and relevant as the times change. Refusing to change can leave us with fewer skills in a fast moving global economy. Change is never going to be easy, but being willing to learn and grow is a special ingredient to personal success.

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