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Being Brave Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Feel Fear


February 28, 2018

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Do you want to be braver this year? Do you want to have the courage to attempt things that you would have shied away from before? Are you looking to take up a leadership position but fear that you don’t have the right level of bravery to make things work? Bravery is something that is universally admired in almost all cultures. We all look up to people who were brave, who had to walk off the beaten path to establish themselves and make life better for other people. In history, we might see these people as Presidents such as Franklin D. Roosevelt or Civil Rights leaders like Martin Luther King. Too often, we believe that these individuals had their destinies set in stone, and did not fear anyone or anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. Historical figures had to conquer self-doubt and fear just like everyone else. There was nothing they did that was pre-ordained, they had to go out and make things happen. In your life, in your relationships, and at your job, you are going to feel fear. You are going to have moments of self-doubt. That makes you human. Whether you are an entry level employee or the CEO, you are going to have times when you feel overwhelmed and wonder what the next step is. The key is not to let your self-doubt consume you. You can feel it in the moment, but then you need to trust your instinct, your training, and your expertise, so that you can chart the path forward confidently.

Everyone Feels Fear

The first thing that is important to remember is that everyone feels fear. It is a natural feeling that everyone has, regardless of their accomplishments. Feeling fear just makes you human. It isn’t about the fear that you feel, it is about how you respond. Which brings us to our next point.

It Isn’t About The Feeling, Its About The Reaction

Have you ever heard the saying, life isn’t about what happens to you, it is about how you respond to those circumstances? That same sentiment applies to feeling fear. When you are feeling fearful after you quit your job to start your own business, the feeling of fear doesn’t matter. It is how you respond to it. Will you stop pursuing your dream? Or will you brush the fear aside and then go after what you want?

Brave Man

Start Small And Build Your Way Up

You don’t have overcome your biggest fears in a moment’s notice. You can start small and then work your way up? Are you afraid to swim? Try out a swimming class. Afraid of public speaking? Try making a speech in front of some of your friends first. These tests will help you to learn how to overcome fear and be more comfortable in the moment.

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