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May 8, 2014

I'm Regina.
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It is always good to leave old habits behind and create greater success for ourselves and others! But just as a skyscraper needs a strong foundation to support its weight and to withstand Regina Image environmental stresses, so do we need a strong personal foundation to build sustainable success in all areas of our lives, relationships and careers!

To excel in life and at work we have to examine our personal foundation very closely, and take action when the structure is weakened and in need of support. So let’s take a closer look at the elements that constitute a strong personal foundation.

Aside from obvious values such as, honesty, integrity, loyalty, intelligence, education, hard work, empathy, love, support, family, friends, connections and many more, there are a number of HIDDEN elements we need to include, in order to develop a strong personal foundation. Here are just a few (well, a DOZEN) areas to consider:

• Resolving the past!
• Practicing patience!
• Living in the present!
• Controlling emotions!
• Learning from failure!
• Taking responsibility for own circumstances!
• Recognizing self-limiting believes!
• Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries!
• Putting self on top of the priority list!
• Understanding that perfect does not exist!
• Having a reserve of time, space, energy and money!
• Having the courage to let go of who I am for who I can become!

Think about this for a moment, how good are you doing when it comes to building and maintaining a solid personal foundation? If you are uncertain click on the link below to complete our 2 minute self-assessment.

How Strong is Your Personal Foundation?

Congratulations if your house is built on solid ground! Keep up the great work!

In case your foundation isn’t as strong as you would like Regina Image it to be then let’s chat. Email me, or connect with me on LinkedIn, or post to our FaceBook page, or call the office at 321.221.1106 or visit

Building a strong personal foundation may be a daunting task but let’s face it, where there is no pain, there is no gain! Given the right guidance and support we can all enhance our foundation and take charge of the direction our life, relationships and our career is going! I like to think of my personal foundation as a “work in progress” to keep a close eye on… and take action when needed.

So as you set out to build greater success in your life and career, ensure that your foundation is strong enough to carry you through the year and beyond!

Happy building!
Regina Fasold

Here’s a quick preview of what’s to come, stay tuned for:

• The Nature of Change
• Developing a Strong Personal Foundation
• Personal Presence and Charisma
• The Merging of Brilliance
• Building a Career that Matters
• Pride-Based Leadership “Building the Optimal Environment for Performance, Productivity & Profit”
• Leading with a Gentle Rein

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