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How Can Your Business Undergo A Successful Digital Transformation?

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September 7, 2018

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It could be time for your company to undergo a digital transformation. If you want to make that process a success, then you need to make sure that you understand what a digital transformation is, how it affects your entire industry, and how things could go wrong. A successful digital transformation will improve your customer acquisition and retention, improve workflow, increase your company reach, give you greater insight into your marketing decisions, and increase the pace of product development. It is important to note that as your industry undergoes a digital transformation, you’ll have to do the same in order to remain competitive in the future. However, a poor digital transformation can leave you in an even worse position—you can lose profits, time, resources, and productivity. That is why it is so critical to have an understanding of the process before you begin transforming how your company works.

Learn What “Digital” Means For Your Industry

“Digital” doesn’t mean the same thing for every industry. You need to understand what going digital will entail before you start the process. For example, your industry might not need to digitize every piece of information and analyze it with machine learning or artificial intelligence tools. Adding those capabilities might not provide you with any additional value, and can indeed even be a waste of resources. That is why you should know how your industry is going digital and improving efficiency before you start your own digital transformation process.

Crafting A Culture Receptive To Change

Even if you have the best digital transformation plan, if you have a business culture that isn’t receptive to change, it won’t work. Digital transformations change how your business operates on a fundamental level. A constant stream of new digital innovations means that you’ll constantly be updating and tweaking your approach. Have you developed a culture that is conducive to change? Can your employees grow and adapt, and are they willing to get out of their comfort zone to utilize new technology?

Digital Transformation Doesn’t Mean Digitalize Everything

Some companies think “digital transformation” simply means to digitize everything in their path. Not every industry needs to put sensors everywhere, for instance. The wrong way to do things is to just burn money digitizing everything without have a concrete plan for how digitization can improve efficiency and workflow.

Undergoing a successful digital transformation starts with understanding how digital works in your industry. You don’t need to digitize everything to be successful—you need a structured plan that outlines how you will use digital in certain, specific instances. A poor digital transformation plan can leave your company worse than where you started, but a successful digital transformation can potentially give you the leg up on your competitors.

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Invest in your People

The best planned digital transformation is bound to fail, if you are not taking care of your people in the process. Any type of change causes anxiety and insecurity throughout the organization. To ensure people will excel during a transformation they need to learn how to strive in a changing environment. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss what you can do to prepare your people to succeed with change.

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