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How To Be An Agent For Positive Change

Are you looking to be an agent for positive change in your community? In your company? You can do that if you have something that you believe in and want to help other people. Being an agent for change isn’t easy. It is about being a true leader. Encouraging and empowering others to find their […]

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I'm Regina.
Psychologist, executive coach, and functional medicine health coach and my mission is to help you truly thrive. Let's get to work!
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Curious Man

When you think of the personality traits that are desired in a leader, you rarely hear curiosity. You might hear strength, persistence, vision, or drive. But curiosity is something that you don’t often hear. That is a shame, because curiosity is absolutely critical to leadership. And it is important for a number of important careers, […]

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Having Multiple Perspectives

Whenever you watch a movie or a television show, you see a leader who doesn’t need help from anyone else. These unrealistic narratives can actually create problems for people in the real world. That is because in reality, having multiple perspectives to consider is a strength, not a weakness. People who only view a single […]

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Books On Shelf

In today’s era of 24/7 news cycles and digital media, it can be tempting to stop reading. Sometimes you don’t even realize it. You consume so much television and digital smartphone apps that reading books just kind of falls by the wayside. But it is important to make sure that you don’t start letting dust […]

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Trust Your Gut

Should you trust your gut? That is a difficult question for many of us. We can all think of a time when trusting our instinct was right. But we can also think of a time when trusting our instinct got us into a lot of trouble. It can be difficult to differentiate between a decision […]

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Tired Man

We’re often taught that we need to work through burnout, and that working until exhaustion is admirable. We see this portrayed in movies, music, business, athletics, academia, and in other avenues of American culture. However, the science is clear: working yourself until exhaustion is bad for your body. And when you are extremely tired, you […]

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Peace During Chaotic Times

The pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone. It has been incredibly stressful and disruptive for even the most calm and resourceful among us. So how can we find peace in chaotic times? How can you find inner calm even when it seems like a storm is raging around you? The answer is relatively […]

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Don't Compare Yourself To Others

We have the innate drive to compare ourselves to others. It is just something humans do. We think about whether our grades are at the top of the class. We think about if we are going to get that promotion or not. When we look at social media, we consider whether we stack up against […]

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Perfectionism is dangerous. You probably haven’t heard it put in such stark terms before. After all, we live in a culture that valorizes those who sacrifice their personal lives for work. We have lionized CEOs who work for 100 hour weeks and workers who refuse to take breaks. But the truth is that perfectionism is […]

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Big Decision Making

There are times in life when we have to make difficult decisions. It might be a choice about a relationship or whether you need to go back to school. It might be about whether you should stay at your job or look elsewhere for work. Making tough decisions is never easy. There are so many […]

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